Hamilton & Thornyhill Curling Club

Prizewinners 2008-2009


Some of the happy winners photographed at the Annual Dinner in 2009:



            Gold Medal winners Lynne Kenyon, Craig Waddell,                        Gold Medal runners-up Hamish Wilson, John Ballantyne
                          Isabelle Tait & John Torrance                                                               & Derek Whitehouse



              Aikman Cup winners Richard Kenyon, Alan Hall,                          Aikman Cup runners-up John Harcourt, Ian McPherson,
                                Robert Tait & Heather Wyper                                                   Karolyn McPherson & James Tait



      Torrance Trophy (Pairs) winners John Harcourt and Kyle Waddell        Torrance Trophy runners-up Robert Tait and John Ballantyne



      Blairmains Trophy winners Richard Kenyon and Laura Ritchie          Blairmains Trophy runners-up Margaret Harcourt and John Ballantyne



                      Moffat Cup (Points) winner Alan Hall                                      The Presidents Plate was awarded to Robert Tait